Couples Therapy

strengthen your marriage with couples therapy

Whether you are preparing for marriage or working to repair a troubled marriage, I can help. For couples contemplating marriage, I offer premarital counseling services designed to help you prepare mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for a life together. For couples who have grown apart, struggle with communication, intimacy, or face difficult decisions, I will help you restore the sacred covenant between husband and wife. 

I will guide you through topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, financial management, spirituality, sexuality and parenting. 

Below are options for couples (or family) therapy that can be tailored to your situation:

  • Extended Sessions
  • Intensive Sessions
  • Co-therapy Sessions

Extended Sessions are counseling sessions booked for three or more hours on a single day. Couples that benefit from this structure are those who are in crisis, wanting to jump-start their relationship or those traveling a significant distance. This approach allows the flexibility to relax with short breaks built into the longer sessions.

Intensive Sessions are counseling sessions that are booked from four to six hours per day for two or more consecutive days. Intensive sessions consist of more structure that helps couples move quickly through specific issues and learn important skills in a short period of time. Before the appointment, pre-homework and assessments are assigned in preparation for the intensive work.

Co-therapy is geared toward couples that would benefit from individual therapy before couples therapy begins. Each spouse is paired with a different therapist for a predetermined number of sessions before coming together for couples work. This is a unique process that requires collaboration between therapists in order to tailor make a plan that fits your specific needs. This approach also allows individuals the time and space to work through personal issues to ensure the efficacy of therapy.

**These options can also be applied to Family Therapy Sessions**