Couples Therapy

Whenever two imperfect people come together in the union of marriage, you can expect issues to bubble up from time-to-time. These issues may arise from unresolved emotional pain, trauma, betrayal, loss or infidelity. The benefit of couples therapy is to increase connection, resolve conflict, communicate effectively and gain a better understanding of each other. Our sessions will provide you with the tools necessary to rebuild friendship, deepen intimacy, establish trust and restore the sacred covenant of marriage.

Upon request, couples therapy can integrate biblically based principals as the foundation to restoring the marital relationship. Christ centered therapy views the marriage as a holy covenant, designed by God, understanding that both husband and wife are made in God’s image and should be honored, respected, valued and appreciated.

This is how you get started: 


Step 1

Book your individual therapy session. Each partner will have one-on-one time so I can get to know you and understand your perspective and goals for therapy.


Step 2

Complete 5 reflection questions to be answered individually.


Step 3

The journey to healing begins.